Why Meego

We care about our drivers

At Meego we’re all about putting you in the driving seat. Every decision we make is underpinned by a desire to make the lives of ride share drivers easier. From offering fully maintained and insured vehicles, to a no lock-in contract policy, each service has been created to ensure everything is hassle free so you can spend more time on the road.

We aren’t just a car rental company; we’re a support service for a growing industry.


No lock-in contracts

Not sure Meego is for you? No problem! If you change your mind after the minimum period has lapsed you can return your vehicle with only 14 days notice.

Registration Included

Meego is registered as a commercial passenger vehicle.

Fully Insured

For peace of mind all of Meego's vehicles are fully insured, allowing our drivers not to worry about the small things and concentrate on driving.

Fully Maintained

Each and every Meego car is maintained to a premium standard, ensuring there's nothing stopping you from getting out there and driving.

Lower costs

All of our cars are selected for fuel efficiency, meaning you can earn more for the time you put in.

Additional Income While Studying

Hi, I am Emma, I drive Ride share to make additional income whilst studying at University. With Meego, I can… Read more “Additional Income While Studying”


Ready to start driving?